Dae Yi

     Dae Yi is a distinguished figure in the mortgage industry, boasting an impressive career spanning more than two decades. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Dae has navigated through various pivotal roles, culminating a profound mastery of the mortgage landscape. Beginning as a hard-working Loan Processor in his early career, Dae delved into the intricacies of mortgage documentation and meticulous transaction management. His dedication and astute attention to detail paved the way for a natural progression to the role of an accomplished Loan Officer and Underwriter. In this capacity, he honed the ability to analyze complex financial scenarios, assess risk, and make sound lending decisions that assisted countless happy clients achieved their dreams of homeownership over the last two decades. 

     With an illustrious history as the previous founder of a thriving mortgage brokerage company, Dae brings a depth of strategic insight and hands-on experience to his current role as the visionary force behind New Lending Mortgage. He has a wealth of experience in orchestrating a symphony of innovative mortgage solutions, client-centric approaches, and industry partnerships. This multifaceted experience equips him a profound understanding of the needs of borrowers, lenders, and the broader landscape for the mortgage industry. With an intimate knowledge of market trends, regulatory intricacies, and the art of personalized financial matchmaking, Dae sets the stage to provide clients with unparalleled mortgage solutions for their real estate investments.

    Today, as a seasoned Loan Officer, Dae stands as a beacon of industry knowledge, seamlessly weaving together the insights gained from his multifaceted journey. His profound understanding of mortgage origination, underwriting complexity, and brokerage dynamics enables him with a unique perspective that consistently benefits his clients. Dae's personalized approach to client interactions has helped countless borrowers realize their dreams of homeownership. In the ever-evolving landscape of the mortgage industry, Dae remains an ardent advocate for empowering clients with informed decisions. His journey is a testament to unyielding dedication, and he looks forward to the opportunity to assist you with financial solutions for your next real estate investment.